PostOrder Performances

What if:
a pandemic made us rethink performances?

How it began:
Covid-19 jazz@9
1 window, 1 song, 1 voice 
Every Lockdown night at 9pm sharp, 
I opened 1 door/window 

to translate the vibes of the day into 1 song.
What started with easy listening jazzstandards,
and some occasional poppy & funky tunes,
gradually grew into little LIVE cabaret performances.

These moments seemed to uplift the spirit
both for my neighbourhood & myself.

Since LIVE shows are still a NO-GO,
We might just aswell POP-UP
on a doorstep/windowpane of Your choice?

Birthday, Valentine, Celebration or Jubilee coming up?
Tired of sending the usual suspects: flowers, cards and chocolates?
Why not surprise the partygirl or guy on D-day 
with a super personal gift?

PostOrder Performance Home Delivery:
- ONLINE  by mail (audio/videofile) 
a custom-made confection performance,
- LIVE on someones doorstep
a custom-made haute couture LIVE performance,

Mail Your request: song(s) + performance date to:
Receive Your custom-made offer within 5 days.

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